Scientific Program

Conference Series Ltd invites all the participants across the globe to attend Annual Conference on Green Catalysis and Sustainable Energy Dubai, UAE.

Day 1 :

Keynote Forum

Anita Nouri

Green Energy Solutions & Sustainability LLC, UAE

Keynote: Regional waste management strategies–opportunity for sustainable development LFG power generation

Time : 10:00-10:50

Conference Series Green Catalysis 2018 International Conference Keynote Speaker Anita Nouri photo

Anita Nouri is a Founding Partner and CEO of Green Energy Solutions & Sustainability LLC a Dubai based Waste Management Company that was established in 2011 to support the development of sustainable waste management and landfill gas projects in the region.  The flagship project, Al Qusais landfill is under the jurisdiction of Dubai Municipality, and is currently the only landfill in the Middle East to produce power from landfill gas.  “As entrepreneurs we are proud of this project, our goal is not to create more landfills but to optimize the existing ones and create a source of power.  Al Qusais Landfill project is registered as a CDM project with the UNFCCC project #8269.   Green Energy Solutions & Sustainability LLC has a signed ERPA with Norway that is able to monetize the Carbon Credits.  In January at the World Future Energy Summit, a Contract was signed with Tadweer Center of Waste Management in Abu Dhabi to implement a Landfill Gas to Energy project that will be operational by the end of 2018. “The target is Zero Waste and included in this is our target to utilize the existing landfills to supply a source of power.”  Anita Nouri has been a speaker at many events in the region and has achieved several awards for the work she has done.   GESS is targeting landfills and providing environmental solutions


Break: Networking and Refreshments Break with Group Photo @ Foyer 10:50-11:10

Keynote Forum

Ali Abu Odeh

Khawarizmi International College, UAE

Keynote: Latest trends in nanotechnology

Time : 11:10-12:00

Conference Series Green Catalysis 2018 International Conference Keynote Speaker Ali Abu Odeh photo

Ali Abu Odeh working currently as a Lecturer at Khawarizmi International College, United Arab Emirates. Prior to this position, I worked in the college of engineering in United Arab Emirates University and Qatar University. I earned my Ph.D. degree in Nanoelectronic Engineering from University Malaysia Perlis in January 2018. My master degree was in Electrical and Computer Engineering from New York Institute of Technology since 2007. At the Institute of Nano Electronic Engineering (INEE) of University Malaysia Perlis, I gained exposure to research in solar cell and biosensor applications. I published many ISI and Scopus indexed papers with impact factor. I’m an editorial board member of International Journal of Nanotechnology and Application (IJNA). Also, I served as a reviewer, session chair and committee member of many conferences. I received two awards for my researches in University Malaysia Perlis.


The rapid universal energy crisis, environmental pollution, and human impact on the climate accelerate the search for new material to evolve renewable energies which have different characteristics such as environment-friendly, cost-effective and highly efficient. These issues motivate researchers around the globe to develop new solutions for replacing the traditional fossil-based energy resources and studying different materials to enhance their structural and optical properties for using them effectively in solar cells, sensors, and other applications. Nanotechnology acquiring a lot of attention currently and large expectations have been built in the academic community as well as industry and investors to fabricate and evolve new structures at the nanoscale as well as adjusting their parameters such as energy band gap and efficiency to produce novel materials and devices in many applications and different fields. The purpose of this presentation is to cover the most recent advances of nanotechnology in sustainable energy applications. Solar cells are described as the most significant example of the contributions of nanotechnology in the energy sector which is the ultimate solution to one of the great challenges of our lifetime, i.e., the production and use of energy, without compromising our environment.

Keynote Forum

Abdul Ghani Olabi

University of Sharjah, UAE

Keynote: Hydrogen and fuel cell developments

Time : 12:00-12:50

Conference Series Green Catalysis 2018 International Conference Keynote Speaker Abdul Ghani Olabi photo

Prof Olabi received his M.Eng and Ph.D. from Dublin City University, since 1984 he worked at different national and international institutes such as; National Research Centre-Italy “CNR”, Research Centre of FIAT-Italy “CRF”, Dublin City University “DCU” and Institute of Engineering and Energy Technologies “IEET” at UWS. Prof Olabi has supervised postgraduate research students (10 M.Phil and 32PhD) to successful completion. Prof Olabi has edited more than 20 proceedings, and has published more than 350 papers in peer-reviewed international journals and international conferences, in addition to more than 25 book chapters. In the last 4 years Prof Olabi has patented 2 innovative projects. Prof Olabi is the founder of the International Conference on Sustainable Energy and Environmental Protection SEEP,  and the International Conference on Materials Science and Smart Materials. He is the Subject Editor of the Elsevier Energy Journal, Editor in Chief of the Encyclopedia of Smart Materials (Elsevier), Editor of the Reference Module of Materials Science and Engineering (Elsevier), Editor in Chief of Renewable Energy section of Energies and board member of a few other journals. Prof Olabi has coordinated different National, EU and International Projects. He has produced different reports to the Irish Gov. regarding: Hydrogen and Fuel Cells and Solar Energy


Targets established by the European Union for 2020, have introduced a huge attention for theelectrical energy management, starting from its sustainable production, researching and developing new production technologies based on renewable power sources, to its correct use and storage. In base of different applications, and often in base of the concrete availability of these sources, there are several energy storage systems used today worldwide, each one based on a different electricity transformation principle (mechanical, thermal, electrical or chemical). During the last decades, a lot of technologies have been developed, using new materials and new concepts in order to satisfy the overall and specific applications requirements. This talk concerns with the developments of Proton Exchange Membrance “PEM” Fuel Cell and it application. The talk will include the relation between universities and Enterprise on research developments, with a number of examples relate to Renewable Energy

Break: Lunch Break 12:50-13:50 @ Restaurant